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"Man is an animal expended in webs of significance he himself has spun. I take culture to be those webs and the analysis of it to be therefore not experimental science in search of law, but an interpretive one in search of meaning."
-- Clifford Geertz

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Megacity Review

The mission at Megacity Review ("MCR") is to create and promote community for artists by highlighting stories of empathy that use the dynamism of cities like Los Angeles as a point of reference.   We do that by publishing work that explores individuals and their experiences that could be lost in the largess of massive cities, especially when the voice comes thru someone from an underrepresented community. Although we focus on women and authors of color, we also recognize the importance of allies and publish them as well.


LA's role as international megacity, where great abundance meets great scarcity,  creates an environment where cultures from around the world collide with impactful results.  By publishing nonfiction and fiction by artists that would otherwise find few avenues, Megacity Review provides a platform to those seeking to share the effects of social connections on the human condition. 

Be heard. Submit your own work.

Megacity Review is now taking submissions for our inaugural writing contest. Awards of up to $1,000 in fiction and creative non-fiction, plus publication in our journal, and includes consideration for the Pushcart Award. Please see contest details above before submitting. 

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