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Update on the Megacity Review Contest.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Welcome to Megacity Review.

Thank you for your submissions and for following us as subscribers.

It has been great to carefully go over the submissions over the last few months. Being that our staff is often busy on many projects, it has been a challenge to get our process moving fluidly.We are so excited to have gotten to this point and thank you for your patience.

Since the end of the submittal period, we have screened the submissions and have gotten them to eight. They have been forwarded to our readers and I anticipate to have final decisions made in the next three weeks.

Notification will be made when winners are selected.

Despite our interest, we are unable to comment on declined entries due to staffing constraints.

NFT Publication

We anticipate to have the NFT version of our inaugural publication two months after winners are chose. Updates will be given on this blog.

Front Table and Book Reviews

In the meantime, we will be adding to our front table more diligently, and will be adding to reviews to this blog intermittently. We will be featuring the following works in our first installments:

Black and Gay in LA, Ocampo

Light Skin



Jazz One

Paris is a Ghost

On a monthly, we hope to get up to three reviews in. Any suggestions for review or should be sent to

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